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  • (918) 860-6040

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    The Titan Difference

    At Titan, our focus is to produce successful results for our clients by meeting their project needs on time and within budget. Our team of experienced estimators, designers, procurement agents, welding fabricators, installers and erectors are ready to bid and build your next project.

    We not only understand the needs and problems of our clients, we pride ourselves in providing value-added solutions. Our team has the expertise to grasp the important issues and the skills to communicate those issues to the stakeholders early in the process. Minimizing potential change orders in the future.
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    The Titan Experience

    With decades of experience, we ensure quality control through our strict project management tracking. With over 30 years of industry experience Titan delivers the "know-how" developed from on the job experience, through hundreds of diverse projects. Titan Steel operates as a well oiled machine - Each team member playing their roll with communication unrivaled in the industry. We offer an experienced team of estimators, draftsmen, fabricators, and erectors. All supported by an experienced management team, working out of our dedicated fabrication shop in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.
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  • Products & Services

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    Stairs And Railings

    Whether you're designing the centerpiece for your grand lobby or simply need functional access from top to bottom, Titan's experience in this craft is unparalleled.
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    Diverse Materials

    Commercial, Industrial or Residential!
    We cover everything from fencing and gates to catwalks, ladders and mezzanines.
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    Shop Fabrication

    By nature, fabrication demands expertise with a wide range of to Architectural Metals and special tools to form and shape them. Titan Steel & Metal Fab steps up to the challenge and covers a huge array of potential projects that others won't touch. You can trust Titan Steel & Metal Fab for all your fabrication needs.
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    Products Made To Order

    From highly customized platforms and ladders to whatever features your job calls for, you can trust Titan to do it right and provide it on schedule. Titan is ready to provide solutions for all of your metal project needs.
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    Production Runs

    Partnering with an OEM like Titan Steel & Metal Fab means you don’t have to choose between quality and speed. Our welding fabrication services provide the highest quality wire forming, sheet metal manufacturing and tube fabrication welding for short and long production runs. We also provide Powder coating and finishing services providing you with time and cost savings.
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  • Heavy Steel Erection

    Titan erection teams have carried out hundreds of structural steel projects, each featuring varying degrees of complexity. For our team, it is essential that erection operations are executed rapidly, efficiently and safely, and that the best available equipment is used.

    Titan's seasoned teams stand poised to provide you with superior quality erection services and will take all necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of workers at the construction site of your project.
    Metal Fabrication

    Whether it's specialty part fabrication or commercial production line items, you can turn to Titan.

    While specializing in carbon steel, Titan works with most metals. We fabricate to meet your specifications. Titan can produce and manufacture your products from almost any type of metal. Whatever your metal needs are, our expert staff is here to help.

    Let us fill your CNC production needs as well.
    Restoration and Repair

    A deteriorated metal structure or staircase can be dangerous. Corrosion, cracked or broken welds, impact damage, wear and fatigue can lead to failures of the structure. Don't take chances with your building structures or staircases. Address those potential liability issues today.

    We specialize in metal stairs and our certified welders and skilled metal craftsmen have over 100 years combined experience in welding and metal fabrication.

    Special Orders

    From one-off projects to production runs, Titan is your trusted source for all things metal.

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